Cristina M. Ortiz, ESQ.

Real Estate Lawyer Cristina Ortiz has been practicing real estate for 10 years. Her law firm specializes in Title, Escrow and Closing Services. If you are buying or selling a property- she’s the one to see! Cristina strives to deliver Peace of Mind to her clients and runs her business on her motto- Follow Up and Follow Through!

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Cristina was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her parents, Daniel and Lourdes Ortiz, emigrated from Cuba as kids. Upon arrival, they moved to Hialeah, where they resided with their parents. Cristina is the oldest of four children. Growing up, Cristina attended St. John Neumann Catholic School from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade. She then transferred to Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, which is where she completed high school. Cristina majored in business and marketing at Florida State University - Go Noles! She later returned to Miami to attend law school at Florida International University, College of Law. As a law student, Cristina was a member of the trial team, appellate team and served as a student advocate. She completed two, study abroad semesters in Seville, Spain and Florence, Italy to study International Law. As part of her curriculum, Cristina served as a Certified Legal Intern at the State Attorney’s Office in Miami. She also served as a Guardian Ad Litem, advocating for disadvantaged children who had been separated from their parents. Cristina graduated from FIU in 2008. Immediately thereafter, she was hired as an associate for a law firm that handled foreclosures and bankruptcy. As an associate during the economic crash, Cristina personally handled over 500 case files and became very familiar with the courtroom in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. In January 2014, Cristina took a leap of faith and opened her own practice. She has never looked back.


As an Attorney Owned Title Company, The Law Office of Cristina M. Ortiz, P.A. offers title, escrow & real estate closing services. We issue Title Insurance through Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, the biggest title insurance company in the State of Florida. We can assist in the following matters: Title Insurance Escrow Services Residential & Commercial Closings Refinances Foreign Buyers and Sellers Seller Only Representation Lien Searches Legal Representation in Real Estate Disputes


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